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Discover the timeless allure of traditional wooden cabins/bunkies with our meticulously crafted, premium Canadian wood bunkies. Elevate your space with durable and naturally beautiful structures perfect for creating a cozy retreat right in the heart of Ontario, Canada.

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Sauna Depot is Ontario’s top choice for wooden enclosures. We specialize in high quality sheds, bunkies, and cabins made to last many years throughout all four seasons.

Why Choose Our Modern Bunkies?

🏡 Stylish Craftsmanship: Experience the epitome of modern design with our expertly crafted bunkies, designed for both aesthetics and durability.

💡 Innovative Spaces: Perfect for creating a trendy and functional retreat, our modern cabins offer a space that effortlessly aligns with your lifestyle.

🌍 Delivery Across Ontario: Modern Bunkie Hub delivers and installs our contemporary designs to cities across Ontario. Whether you’re in the urban center or countryside, we bring modern bunkie living to your doorstep.

Explore the Elegance of Our Modern Bunkies in Cities like:

📍 Toronto: Transform your backyard with the sleek design of our modern bunkies in Ontario’s capital.

📍 Ottawa: Create a contemporary retreat with our stylish bunkies in the heart of Ontario.

📍 Muskoka: Elevate your space with bunkies that seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with natural surroundings in Muskoka.

📍 London: Add a touch of contemporary flair to your living space in the charming city of London.


How to Choose the Right Bunkie

When choosing a bunkie, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider your intended use for the space. If you’re planning to use it as a guest room, you’ll want to make sure it has proper insulation and electrical hookups. If you’re using it as a home office, you may want to opt for more windows to let in natural light.

Another thing to consider is the size of the bunkie. Make sure it’s large enough to accommodate your needs, but not so big that it takes up too much of your yard.

  • Solid Wood
  • Architecturally Approved
  • Will Withstand All 4 Seasons
  • Available Within Several Weeks

Shed Cabins Are Also Available

All Sizes Available

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One of the biggest advantages of wooden shed cabins is their affordability. They are typically much cheaper than building a traditional home or cabin, making them a popular choice for people on a tight budget. Additionally, they are relatively easy to build and can be erected quickly.


Wooden shed cabins are also highly durable, especially when they are constructed using quality materials. Properly maintained, they can last for many years, providing a safe and secure storage space or living quarters. They can also be insulated and heated to make them comfortable during colder months.

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Discover the joy of authentic living with Sauna Depot – where tradition meets innovation in Ontario, Canada.

Guaranteed Delivery Within Several Weeks !