Craft Your Dream Backyard - Custom Home Saunas to Backyard Sheds in Canada

Transform your home’s backyard space with a sauna, deck, or shed. Explore custom sauna options, including cedar saunas, hot tubs, enclosures, and much more, perfect for your backyard shed in Canada. Sauna Depot offers top-notch saunas, blending luxury and tranquility for an unmatched home spa experience. Unwind in style with our premium sauna solutions.

From DIY Kits To Assembly On Site, Sauna Depot Offers Premium Woodwork Solutions Throughout Canada And The U.S. 

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Cold Plunge Tubs

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Quality Meets Comfort

Sauna Depot specializes in all sorts of woodwork ranging from saunas to sheds. Our products are available for shipping all throughout Canada and the U.S. Our kits come pre-fabricated for easy assembly with very little effort. With many models and configurations to choose from – we have something for everyone. 

Delivery and assembly on site is currently available for all of Ontario.

SaunasStarting From $4999

Our latest product addition ! We are happy to offer deck building and installing services all throughout Ontario. Our experienced woodwork professionals can make any size deck.

What Our Sauna Kits Come With

Detailed instruction manual for assembly

Kit-style prefabricated wood pieces

Nails and Screws

Doors, Windows and Metal Roof

Comfortable benches

Your choice of either wood burning, or electric heater

Modern Saunas

Discover the epitome of relaxation with our state-of-the-art modern saunas. These sleek and stylish units combine cutting-edge technology with contemporary design to offer a luxurious escape right in your home. With advanced temperature controls, innovative lighting systems, and ergonomic seating, our modern saunas provide a rejuvenating experience that soothes both body and mind. Perfect for those who value both functionality and aesthetic appeal, these saunas are an elegant addition to any space.

Barrel Saunas

Experience the timeless charm and superior heat distribution of our barrel saunas. Crafted from high-quality wood, these distinctive saunas feature a unique cylindrical design that maximizes airflow and ensures an even, consistent temperature. Ideal for outdoor use, barrel saunas not only provide a rustic, inviting atmosphere but also offer exceptional durability and efficiency. Step into a world of tranquility and enjoy a traditional sauna experience that has been cherished for generations.

Cube Saunas

Embrace modern minimalism with our cube saunas, where simplicity meets sophistication. These compact, geometrically designed saunas are perfect for any contemporary living space. Despite their smaller footprint, cube saunas offer ample room and all the essential features for a perfect sauna session, including customizable heat settings, mood lighting, and comfortable seating. Their clean lines and understated elegance make cube saunas a stylish yet functional choice for those looking to unwind in a modern setting.

What Is The Ordering Process?

For Delivery And Assembly On Site Please Give Us A Call

Placing The Order

All orders are placed by filling out a contact form or via phone call

Paying The Deposit

To confirm the order, our clients are required to pay a 30% deposit

4-6 Week Lead Time

On average the wait time for delivery is 4-6 weeks from confirmed order date


We will contact you once your sauna is built, to confirm your delivery or pick up date.

Final Payment

Upon pick up or delivery the final balance is due. The final balance is the selling price minus deposit.

Follow Up

48-72 hours after delivery / pick up - our team will reach out to confirm your satisfaction and answer any questions you may have regarding assembly and/or use.

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