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From DIY Kits To Assembly On Site, Sauna Depot Offers Premium Woodwork Solutions Throughout Canada And The U.S. 

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Sauna Depot specializes in all sorts of woodwork ranging from saunas to sheds. Our products are available for shipping all throughout Canada and the U.S. Our kits come pre-fabricated for easy assembly with very little effort. With many models and configurations to choose from – we have something for everyone. 

Delivery and assembly on site is currently available for all of Ontario.

Our latest custom project ! A dual barrel sauna with central entry. Inquire with us today to get started on your dream sauna.

What Our Sauna Kits Come With

Detailed instruction manual for assembly

Kit-style prefabricated wood pieces

Comfortable benches

Your choice of either wood burning, or electric heater

Nails and Screws


Sauna Depot

Barrel • Cube • Shed • Custom

Established in 2018, our mission is to provide high quality saunas and to extend the gift of health and wellness to all those who seek it. The vision we see is to deliver saunas all throughout Canada and the United States in an efficient and timely manner !

We now provide multiple options and configurations including barrel shapes, cubes, shed style saunas, and completely custom constructions 

What Our Shed Kits Come With

Detailed Instruction Manual For Assembly

Kit-Style Prefabricated Wood Pieces

Doors And Windows

Metal Roof

Nails And Screws

Heavy Duty Base

Shed Depot

Storage • Garage • Office • Custom

After many compliments from our wood work – we decided to expand our product line to wooden sheds. Ranging from a variety of sizes configurations and purposes there is a shed for everyone.

Most recently, we have also added bunkies to our lineup of products. 

What Is The Ordering Process?

For Delivery And Assembly On Site Please Give Us A Call

Placing The Order

All orders are placed by filling out a contact form or via phone call

Paying The Deposit

To confirm the order, our clients are required to pay a 30% deposit

4-6 Week Lead Time

On average the wait time for delivery is 4-6 weeks from confirmed order date


We will contact you once your sauna is built, to confirm your delivery or pick up date.

Final Payment

Upon pick up or delivery the final balance is due. The final balance is the selling price minus deposit.

Follow Up

48-72 hours after delivery / pick up - our team will reach out to confirm your satisfaction and answer any questions you may have regarding assembly and/or use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With at least two adults – the sauna can be constructed in just one day ! Our instructions are simple to follow and very little effort is required.

With the wood burning stove, the sauna can reach up to 120ºCWith the electric heater option, the sauna can reach up to 90ºC

Other than how hot they get (see question above) the wood oven is an “outside load” meaning it is controlled from the rear outside of the sauna – whereas the electric heater may be controlled from within the sauna. Furthermore, the wood burning oven would require fire wood for operation. 

Our kits come with instructions, nails, and screws. However, screwdrivers and hammers are not included and are required for assembly. 

With at least two adults – the shed can be constructed in just one day ! Our instructions are simple to follow and very little effort is required.

All Our Sheds Come With A Metal Roof – However We Can Arrange All Sorts Of Options Including Shingles. 

In Most Of Ontario The Maximum Size Without Need For Permit Has Recently Increased To 160 square feet. As Such Any Structure Larger Than 160 Square Feet Requires A Building Permit. 

Nonetheless, It Is Still Recommended To Check With Your Local Municipality. 

Our kits come with instructions, nails, and screws. However, screwdrivers, drills, and hammers are not included and are required for assembly. 

Yes ! We Can Discuss A Custom Size Order. To Do So, Please Call 416-455-9955