Hot Tubs

Immerse yourself in luxury and relaxation with our outdoor sauna hot tubs. Our hot tub kits simplify installation, ensuring a stress-free experience. As trusted hot tub manufacturers, we prioritize quality and comfort for your ultimate enjoyment. Create your personal oasis with Sauna Depot; visit the nearest store today
Sauna Tub & Hot Tub Kits

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Starting From


(fully loaded)

6’W x 4’H

Available In 4 Person
And Larger Configurations

Made From High Quality Solid Wood !

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DIY Sauna Kits are also available

Kits Are Available For Pick Up From Our Warehouse

Proudly Made In Ontario – Our Enclosures Are Made From The Highest Quality Solid Wood

If You Are Looking For An Enclosure, We Have You Covered !

Want To See Our Woodwork In Person? Then Come Visit Our Outdoor Showroom